Top 7 best money-earning games in 2024

Discover the best games that earn actual money in addition to enjoyment value. Take part in skill-based tasks and earn real money or priceless prizes by competing in profitable tournaments and in-app activities. These games combine the thrill of gaming with the possibility of making money, making for an engaging and exciting experience. These top games provide a special chance to have fun while earning prizes, whether it’s through online casinos, esports tournaments, or skill-based challenges. As a result, they’re a popular choice for individuals looking for both pleasure and income in the gaming industry.

The top 7 best money-earning games

1. Winzo Gold

The most popular gaming app in India is called Winzo Gold, and it allows you to play games online and earn real money or Paytm cash. The Winzo app, which allows users to earn the most money while playing games, is regarded as the most well-liked and reliable gaming software in India.

The money games on the Winzo app are simple enough for even a ten-year-old child to play and win money. With the Winzo app, you can easily make between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1500 a day by participating in several online earning opportunities such as action, sports, and ludo.

  • Take Part in Tournaments: WinZO frequently holds tournaments for a variety of games. Take part in these competitions to compete with other participants and win cash prizes.
  • Finish Your Daily Assignments: WinZO could provide regular tasks or difficulties. You can receive additional rewards if you finish these tasks.
  • Suggest and Make Money: Give your friends your referral code to join the game. Bonuses, or a portion of their profits, are yours to receive.
  • Take Part in Competitions: Watch WinZO for any special competitions or events. Engaging in these activities may present chances for extra income.
  • Redeem Earnings: Earn money on WinZO and redeem it using a variety of options, such as Paytm, UPI, or a bank transfer, once you hit the minimum withdrawal requirement.


  • It has a wide selection of sports, arcade, and strategic games in its game collection.
  • Actual monetary awards are given out in games, competitions, and tournaments.
  • Program for referring friends to receive bonuses or a cut of their earnings.
  • recurring contests and tournaments with cash prizes.
  • Redeemed choices that are flexible include bank transfers, UPIs, and Paytm.
  • Routine chores and challenges to earn more incentives.
  • Secure and responsible gaming practices.
  • Customer service for answering inquiries from users.
  • Simple withdrawal procedure with a minimal amount required.


Reviews of Winzo Gold vary, but many commend it for having a large selection of games, actual cash awards, and frequent tournaments. Positive feedback highlights the referral bonuses and numerous redemption choices. However, a few customers voice issues over the app’s customer assistance and the withdrawal procedure. Check out recent app store reviews for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Top 7 best money-earning games

2. Rush

If “Rush” is a finance app, it may have incentives for utilizing particular services, rebates, or benefits for referring friends. If it’s an online gaming app, you can get revenue by playing games, watching ads, or buying in-app purchases.

Refer to the “Rush” app’s official website, the user manual, or customer support for special instructions catered to that platform regarding how to make money with the game.

Features of Rush:

  • Interesting Gameplay: Play games that are captivating and lively.
  • Superior Graphics: Take pleasure in beautifully created and eye-catching images.
  • Different Difficulties and Levels: Face a range of difficulties and levels.
  • Options for Multiplayer: Play interactive games in multiplayer modes.
  • Upgrades and Enhancements: Make use of in-game enhancements and power-ups to your advantage.
  • Personalization Components: Customize game elements, such as characters.
  • Leaderboards: Strive for the top spots on the leaderboards.
  • Successes: Unlock achievements by finishing designated tasks.
  • Social Cohesion: Use social media to stay in touch with friends and to celebrate successes.
  • Purchases made within apps: Obtain more features or improvements by making in-app purchases.

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3. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

You can earn money by playing games through the Mobile Premier League (MPL) app. In this app, you can earn money by playing different types of games like Bike Racing, Carrom, Ludo, RUMI, PUBG, FreeFire, football, etc. You can earn money in these ways:

  1. Make money while playing games: You can get money while engaging in the games that you enjoy. You can win the prize if you do well in the tournament or receive a high score.
  2. Get paid for referring: You can get paid for extending an invitation to your friends and family. You get compensated if an individual uses your code of recommendation. You receive a bonus when he plays the game and wins after that point.
  3. Make money by playing in leagues: The MPL App frequently hosts competitions and tournaments. By taking part in these, you may win significant cash prizes. The money you win from these competitions and tournaments can be deposited into your bank account.
  4. Make money by doing regular tasks: You can earn bonuses by logging in to the MPL App on a daily and weekly basis. To receive bonuses, you must perform a variety of tasks.
  5. Make money through Recharge and Bill Payments: By using the MPL App for your cell recharge, bill payment, and other transactions, you can also receive cashback and vouchers.

Features of mpl

  • List of Games: Provides a wide range of games, such as puzzles, fantasy sports, and more.
  • Several Options for Redemption: Enables customers to redeem rewards using a variety of options, including bank transfer, Paytm, and UPI.
  • Continual Updates: Introduces upgrades, new features, and games to maintain the excitement of the gaming experience.

All of these elements work together to create an exciting and fun gaming environment on MPL, giving players the chance to play, compete, and win real money. See the official MPL app guidelines or get in touch with customer service for the most recent and correct information.

4. Playerzpot

You can play games of fantasy sports like basketball, kabaddi, football, cricket, and esports to get money at Playerzpot. You can choose players from each sport to form your own squad. A user is given 1000 gems to build their fantasy team, and the number of gems needed to add a player varies from match to match.

Points are awarded to the user’s fantasy team according to the players’ on-the-field performance in real time. Your chances of winning increase as your players score more points. Various pots are available for entry, based on your skill level and match budget. Given the pots you enter, winnings can range from cash to other types of prizes. There are several ways to make money:

  • Decide which sport you would like to play.
  • Using the allocated gems, assemble a winning team.
  • Select a vice captain and a captain who fit the role.
  • Put money into the pot of your choice. In addition, you can enter many pots.
  • Earn real cash prizes by ranking higher and scoring higher.
Top 7 best money-earning games

Features of Playerzpot:

  • Platform for Multiple Sports: Endorses a number of sports leagues, such as basketball, football, and cricket.
  • Make up your fantasy teams: Users can choose actual players to put together their fantasy teams.
  • Leagues and Contests: Provides a variety of leagues and competitions with different entrance costs and prize pools.
  • Point Structure: Makes use of a score system inspired by actual players’ game performances.
  • Cash Awards: Offers the chance to win cash rewards based on how well your fantasy squad performs.
  • Real-time updates on matches: Provides right away information on games, individual stats, and team rankings.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Introduces bonuses and promotions, particularly around important sporting events.
  • Customer Service: Provides customer support for fixing problems and helping users.

5. Ludo Supreme Gold

The popular online game Ludo Supreme lets users win real money while playing Ludo. You can sign up to download our Ludo Supreme app to begin making money. You can enter cash tournaments with varying entry costs and prize pools after registering. The prize fund increases with the entry price. In one game, you can win up to ₹10 lakh.

In addition to playing Ludo, you can get paid to refer friends to the Ludo Supreme app. For every referral, you will get ₹100 in bonus money. Additionally, by giving your friends your referral code, you can get paid up to ₹150 for each referral.


Ludo Premier is a well-liked online game where users can play Ludo to earn real money. With almost 7 crore participants enrolled, the game offers daily prizes of a maximum of ₹10 crore. Real players’ reviews indicate that the game is safe and that withdrawals are easy. In a single game, players have earned up to ₹15.8 lakh.

Still, there are some unfavorable reviews about this game. After a few wins in a row, some players have complained that the game has prejudice against them and that they’ve been unable to win. It is crucial to remember that playing gaming online can become addictive and that you should always play safely.

Features of Ludo Supreme Gold:

  • Online Multiplayer Options: Play online against actual opponents.
  • Private Rooms: Make custom games with your pals.
  • Diversity of Subjects: Use various themes to alter the visual appearance.
  • Chat while in-game: Interact with rival players while playing.
  • Leaderboards: Monitor both personal and worldwide ranks.
  • Benefits and Bonuses: Accumulate bonuses and in-game goodies.
  • Practical Dice Rolling Mechanisms: Like rolling dice in real life.
  • Competitions: Take part in competitions or special events.
  • Ad-Free Selections: Experience gaming without advertising and with optional options.

6. Fiewin App

Through the use of mobile software called Fiewin, users can get paid to play games, like posts on social media, and perform other chores. You can register yourself and download the Fiewin app from the official site to begin making money. After registering, you can take part in a variety of competitions and games in order to win real money. A regular prize pool of 5,000 rupees is available on the app, and you may win up to 10,000 rupees in one game.

In addition to having fun, you can get paid to recommend the Fiewin app to your friends. A bonus of ₹500 will be given to you for each referral. Additionally, by giving your friends your referral code, you can get paid up to ₹10,000 for each referral.

Features of Fiewin App:

  • Contests and Games: Providing customers with an assortment of games or competitions to take part in.
  • Cash Awards: Presenting chances for cash awards through competitions, games, and other events.
  • Options for Withdrawal: Enabling users to take their profits out using a variety of payment options, such as bank transfer, UPI, and Paytm.
  • Everyday Jobs and Difficulties: Introducing daily objectives or challenges will keep consumers interested and provide them with more chances to earn.
  • Current Events: putting on live events, competitions, or user-only giveaways.
  • Customer service: providing customer care to help users with questions or issues.
  • Leaderboards: Putting leaderboards on display to highlight high-achieving individuals or groups.
  • Dashboard for Users: Supplying an intuitive dashboard for simple access to functions and navigation.
  • Security Procedures: Putting security measures in place to safeguard user data and guarantee impartial gameplay.

7. Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is a well-liked online game where users can play Teen Patti to win real money. You can register yourself and download the Teen Patti Platinum app from the official site to begin making money. After registering, you can take part in a variety of competitions and games in order to win real money. Through the app’s referral scheme, users can get paid for introducing friends to the game. In addition, if you have the best hand when playing with real money, you can win money.


Play in Multiplayer Mode: Enables participants to engage in online multiplayer competition against actual opponents.
Different Game Modes: Offers a range of game modes, such as Joker, Classic, and variants, to enhance gameplay diversity.
Exclusive Tables: Gives users the option to set up private table and invite friends to enjoy a customized gaming experience.
Emoticons and Chat: Has an emoticon-based in-game chat function for in-game communication.
Daily Incentives and Bonuses: Gives gamers incentives and bonuses every day for consistent gameplay and logins.
Leaderboards: Shows leaderboards that highlight the best players according to their performance.
Safe Transactions: Guarantees safe transactions for virtual currency or in-app purchases.
Customer Service: Offers support to customers to handle questions or issues raised by users.


Best game

However, these apps were well-known for offering chances to make free money online: Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Rakuten (formerly Ebates), Mistplay
How to earn Rs 5,000 per day without investment are: 1. Freelancing 2. Online Surveys 3. Content Creation 4. Virtual Assistance 5. Online Tutoring 6. Stock Photography 7. Affiliate Marketing 8. Online Courses
Explore legitimate online opportunities like freelancing, participating in reputable surveys, content creation (blogging, YouTube), affiliate marketing, online tutoring, selling stock photos, virtual assistance, and creating and selling online courses. Verify platform legitimacy, avoid scams, and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines for sustainable online income.

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