Future in YouTube: How to Earn Money from YouTube, You can Earn Lakhs from YouTube sitting at Home

How to Earn Money from YouTube: You probably watch videos on YouTube at some point during the day, but did you know that you can make thousands of rupees there each month? Indeed! I am entirely correct. Many YouTubers now use YouTube to their advantage to make hundreds or millions of rupees a month. You may be wondering how this will all unfold at this point, but don’t worry—just read this essay up to the very end. Since we’ll cover everything in today’s post, including how to make money on YouTube and how to create a YouTube channel, we will provide you with all the details.

How to make YouTube Channel

1. Log in: To log in, use the credentials for your Google account.
2. Establish Your Channel: In the upper-right corner, click the icon for your profile.

3. Select the name of your channel:

  • Choose a moniker for your channel.
  • You may use a brand name, your name, or a name that is associated with your content.

4. Tailor Your Channel:

  • Include a banner and a profile photo (channel icon).
  • Choose “Customize Channel” to include links to social media and other features about your channel, including a description.

5. Post your initial video here:

  • Select the “Create” button (icon of a camera) located at the top.
  • Click “Upload video” and navigate to the video file on your PC.

6. Include video information:

  • Give the video a title, description, and tags while it’s uploading.
  • Configure your privacy settings (unlisted, private, or public).

7. Make a thumbnail: Select or create a thumbnail that accurately depicts your video after it has been uploaded.

8. Utilize Playlists to Organize: Make playlists in order to arrange your videos.

9. Advertise Your Channel:

  • Make social media posts about your videos.
  • Invite your loved ones to subscribe.
  • Talk to the viewers in the comments section.

10. Acquire knowledge and get better:

  • Take note of analytics to find out what functions.
  • Continue refining your content in response to criticism.
How to Earn Money from YouTube

Important things to make YouTube Video

In order to create a YouTube video, the following resources are necessary:

  • Camera: Make use of a high-quality camera or a camera-equipped smartphone.
  • Lighting: Make sure the area is properly lit, either with artificial or natural lighting.
  • Internet connection: To upload videos, make sure your internet connection is steady and quick.
  • PC or Smartphone: To edit videos, use a PC or a mobile device.
  • Video Editing Software: Select the program that best suits your demands and level of expertise.
  • Microphone: To improve audio quality, use an external microphone.
  • Stabilization: For steady shots, use a tripod or other stabilizing equipment.
  • Storage: Make sure there is sufficient space on your drive for video files.
  • Backup: To avoid losing your video data, make regular backups.

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How to Earn Money from YouTube

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based business model in which users can promote goods and services and increase sales by using special affiliate links to earn a commission. Bloggers and content producers were examples of affiliates who work with companies to suggest goods to their readership. The affiliate gets paid a commission when customers use the affiliate link to make a purchase. This model makes it possible for affiliates and companies to have a mutually beneficial relationship, giving people who advertise worthwhile and relevant items the chance to earn passive money.

Software for affiliate marketing:

  • Clickbank
  • Reditus
  • Post affiliate Pro
  • Trackdesk
How to Earn Money from YouTube

2. Sponsorship

Creators can work with companies or brands ready to pay for placements of goods or testimonials in their films in order to monetize their work on YouTube through sponsorships. After a channel becomes well-known and draws sizable viewership, creators have two options: they can approach advertisers directly or wait for companies to do so. Agreeing on the conditions, deliverables, and payment for marketing the sponsor’s good or service are all part of the sponsorship negotiation process. Typically, creators smoothly integrate the sponsor’s content into their videos to benefit both their audience and themselves financially from the sponsorship agreement. Successful and continuing sponsorship opportunities depend on establishing credibility and maintaining honesty with viewers.

3. Freelancer

It appears that you made reference to “freelancer.” People who operate as independent contractors instead of being hired by a firm are known as freelancers. They charge clients for their services on a project-by-project basis. A wide range of sectors, including writing, graphic arts, programming, marketing, and more, employ freelancers.

Please feel free to share more information if you have any specific questions about freelance work, getting started as a freelancer, finding freelance work, or anything else related. I’ll try to help!

Software for freelancers:

  • Upwork
  • Peopleperhour
  • Canva
  • Proposify

4. Super Chat and Super Stickers

You must enable Super Chat and Super Stickers under “Monetization” in the YouTube Studio in order to profit from them. Encourage viewers to participate during a live stream by buying Super Stickers for animated pictures or Super Chats to highlight their messages. During the stream, acknowledge and address these contributions. Revenue is generated by audience purchases; creators receive the remaining portion after YouTube deducts its cut. It gives your audience a direct option to assist you during live broadcasts, enhancing your content with an interactive and profitable component.



The value of money you can get for 10 million views on YouTube varies according to a number of variables, including the video's niche, the source of traffic, and the duration of each watch. One source claims that the income might vary from a total of $5,000 to $50,000. According to a different estimate, the advertising revenue from a video with 10 million views can reach around $75,000. However, when additional revenue streams are taken into account, this sum can rise greatly.
Depending on the platform and the monetization strategies used by the content provider, 1000 subscribers can yield very different earnings. For example, YouTube's primary source of income is advertising, but content creators can still make some income there if their audience is active.
Earnings directly from 500 subscribers can be minimal, as many platforms, like YouTube, require a higher threshold for monetization. While income may be limited at this subscriber count, creators often explore alternative revenue streams such as sponsorships or merchandise to supplement their earnings.
To earn money on YouTube, creators need to meet the platform's eligibility criteria, which typically includes having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months. Once these thresholds are met, creators can apply for the YouTube Partner Program. After acceptance, they can monetize their content through ads, channel memberships, and other features. Actual earnings depend on factors like viewer demographics, ad rates, and engagement levels.
With the help of the well-known free money-making program Swagbucks, users may earn rewards for watching videos, completing surveys, and making online purchases. Another software that lets users get paid for doing various activities like viewing movies and reading emails is called InboxDollars. Rakuten makes it easy to make money when shopping using the app by offering cashback for online purchases.
Payments from YouTube to Indian content creators differ greatly depending on a number of elements, including ad revenue, audience engagement, and even the creator's monetizing strategies. For every thousand views, artists can make an average of $0.25 to $4. The actual revenue is contingent upon many factors, including the nature of the material, the demographics of the audience, and the efficacy of supplementary revenue streams such as goods or sponsorships.
As additional creators hit this milestone, the number of YouTubers with 10 million subscribers is always changing. Many prominent YouTube channels have a global reach, and the platform's diversified content environment is reflected in the thousands of creators from different areas and genres that have reached the 10 million subscriber thresholds.
More than 50 million YouTube channels were available. In 2024, there would probably be more channels overall on YouTube, but exact figures would need to be obtained from up-to-date data from a trustworthy source.

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