Garlic Benefits: Uses, Nutritional Value, Properties and How to Use Garlic


For centuries, garlic has been an essential ingredient in kitchens around the world, thanks to its strong flavor and fragrance. It contains significant health benefits in addition to improving the taste of food. Nutritional Value of Garlic Nutrient Amount Calories 149 Carbohydrates 33g Protein 6.36g Fat 0.5g Dietary Fiber 2.1g Vitamin C 31.2mg Calcium 181mg … Read more

In a survey, many transgender Americans experience economic hardship and stigma

transgender Americans face stigma

The largest survey of transgender and nonbinary people’s experiences to date found that they face high rates of harassment and unemployment. The statistics show a persistent pattern of discrimination during a period when state legislatures nationwide have enacted legislation limiting their access to sports facilities, health care, and other facilities. The results are from the … Read more

According to federal records, solitary confinement of immigrants is becoming more common

solitary confinement

The United States government has placed detained immigrants in solitary confinement more than 14,000 times in the last five years, and the average duration is almost twice the 15-day threshold that the United Nations has said may constitute torture, according to a new analysis of federal records by researchers at Harvard and the nonprofit group … Read more

Heart Attack Symptoms in Hindi: Cause, CPR and How to Save a Heart Attack

Heart attack

What is a heart attack? When blood flow to a portion of the cardiac muscle is cut off, usually because of a blood clot, the result is a heart attack, also referred to as a myocardial infarction. This blockage may cause the heart tissue to be damaged or killed, and it might have a fatal … Read more

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